Monday, 14 May 2007

9 Gallery: This Morning at My Comadre's House

(Photos by Galena Alyson Canada. Clic to enlarge.)
The kitchen hearth.

My goddaughters Ammy and Elizabeth at sunrise.

Maise and eggs nearby.

Elizabeth in the kitchen.

The house and my borrowed Jeep.

The lavatory and laundry.

Manuela's Shop adjoins.

My comadre Manuela in her shop.

Newly arrived: the only refridge in the village.

Elizabeth is now ready for school...

...and then I got in my borrowed Jeep and headed back home...

Galena Alyson Canada 14 May 2007 Stann Creek, Belize, C.A.


  1. Modem Butterfly15 May 2007 at 07:37

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks!

  2. yea! nice pics! it's great to see them growing...

  3. Lena--Azerbaijan is not definite yet, but is 99.9% certain, so I won't blog it till its permanent.

    We weren't able to pick Bolivia, because they decided to place a native spanish speaker there. He thinks its racist of sorts, but we think its probably smart, because he will get along better there.

    Hope you are having fun in the sun! It looks beautiful there.

  4. These photographs remind me of my in-law's house in Dhaka but there's no wood, it's all cement/concrete.

  5. I'm from Kiva. Nice pictures.